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    • THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    Just when you think the strangest, coolest thing Sufjan Stevens could be a part of is a 50-state project, or a film score about The Brooklyn Queens Expressway, he keeps expanding. So, why am I surprised that one of his new tracks is called "Octomom"? The always awesome, sometimes confusing, never quite transparent Sufjan Stevens is back at it in a new project: s / s / s. The trio, which includes Son Lux and hip/hop artist Serengeti, released their first EP today, titled Beak & Claw.

    Stream s/s/s's four new tracks below, via Holland's VPRO. The tracks stay faithful to Sufjan's talent as a singer while rethinking the production for the musicians around him. Son Lux's electronic influence with Serengeti's captivating articulation really make this album a true collaboration. The four songs in Beak & Claw feel like more than just a casual project, hopefully the beginning of something more fully realized.

    Beak & Claw EP:
    01 Museum Day
    02 Beyond Any Doubt
    03 If This Is Real
    04 Octomom

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