Nicolaas Jaar's Next Album to Be a Cube
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    It's time for a thought experiment. You're a critically acclaimed downtempo electronic house artist with your own independent record label and art house. You're releasing a compilation album of reams of unreleased work since at the age of 22 that is somehow possible for you/something audiences are actually asking for. The thought experiment is this. How do you release this compilation CD? If your answer is "a physical cube called 'the Prism' with two headphone jacks in order to retain the social and physical nature of music," congratulations, your name is Nicolas Jaar, and we're talking about your forthcoming album, Don't Break My Love, off of your Clown and Sunset Aesthetics line. This should rank up there with the embryo fetus gummy that the Flaming Lips were releasing for their last album.

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