J. Mascis Releasing Instrumental Album
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    Guitar God and Dinosaur Jr. front man J. Mascis has announced that he will release a new album of instrumental songs with two childhood friends under the band name Heavy Blanket. According to Mascis's website, he met the pair in high school after admiring their "who gives a shit attitude." The bio, which is definitely worth reading in full, explains that the bassist and drummer had "been kicked out of marching band for smoking weed out of a tuba." They met J. Mascis, recorded a couple of songs, but then lost touch.

    Then, last winter, the trio reunited and is releasing an LP, which is out 5/8 via Outer Battery Records. 200 purple vinyl records are available for pre-order. The album apparently includes their only remaining high school recording from 1984. Check out the short preview posted to J. Mascis's website. The song's called "Dr. Martin's Blues" and features some of the guitarist's iconic shredding and what seems to be a very capable backing band.

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