• TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "I remember every step of the way. I remember sitting in my room in Orlando with a guitar writing that song and it's just so wild to see so many different people connecting with it in different ways," Nashville-based crooner R.LUM.R says of his hit single, "Frustrated." The explosive, falsetto-heavy track has over 11 million streams on Spotify and we can see why. Heck, we can see him being the next Miguel or Chris Brown. It's pure R&B/pop ecstasy.

    R.LUM.R visited the Baeble office on what should've been a below freezing February day, but what was actually an abnormally warm and pleasant afternoon. Because of this, we decided to take the session outside in the court yard. The quick flash of Spring made the whole day feel surreal, and it made the session feel even more special. Is it possible that R.LUM.R brought those sweet, sweet sun rays with him all the way from Nashville? We wouldn't doubt it - his acoustic performance did feel pretty magical. Check out the whole thing for yourself when it's released this Thursday.

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