Ariana Grande Showcases Her Stellar Pipes In A Capella Performance
    • MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Got damn. Ariana Grande did no favors to her career when, last year, she was infamously videotaped licking donuts at a bakery. That incident made it easy to forget that Ariana Grande can sing. When so much of today's pop music (even the good pop music) is overproduced to the point that you can't hear any of the humanity of the pop stars performing these tracks. And with her a capella video of "Dangerous Woman," Ariana Grande reminds us of how much talent rests beneath all of the pop glitz.

    I have no clue why she's wearing those goofy ass costume which looks like a mix between bondage gear and a Playboy Bunny outfit, but if you immediately move past the strange visuals, Ariana Grande delivers a hellacious vocal turn on her latest hit. Ariana Grande's particular brand of radio pop isn't my general cup of tea, and I wasn't especially impressed with the studio version of this track, but by stripping it down, Grande reminds us that there'd be no version of this song if it weren't being anchored by the absurd range and power of her vocals. Grande, we tip our hats to you and your powerhouse voice.

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