You Love The National, Even If You Don't Know It Yet
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    News about The National's sixth studio album has been brewing in the music news kettle for a few months now. Today, they finally announced Trouble Will Find Me will be released on May 21st via 4AD Records. Though this will be their first full-length album since 2010's High Violet, The National and its members have consistently materialized in pop culture throughout the last three years (three years and 10 days to be exact).

    Following their 2010 release, The National hit the road for 22 months, which our math specialist confirms is almost two years, leaving them a little over one year to write and record the forthcoming Trouble Will Find Me. A year is totally a solid amount of time to comfortably create a great record, but these Brooklyn-by-way-of-Cincinnati boys couldn't be contained to a single project.

    The National have become so prevalent in pop culture that it's quite comical to hear cynical listeners describe them as "boring". But people are far too quick to jump to conclusions solely based on Matt Berninger's desolate baritone. We're positive The National has participated in something throughout the past three years that has hit home for even the most unrelenting of naysayers. Whether you're a video game geek or sexed-up HBO drama freak, The National has somehow fueled your favorites.

    Portal 2 - "Exile Vilify"

    Holy shit robots have feelings? I'm no gamer, but The National's song veils my ignorant association of the greasy fat kid who worships his XBox controller. In four minutes, this video game trailer accomplishes what it takes a Pixar movie two hours - without Buzz, Woody, nor a storyline!

    Win, Win - "Think You Can Wait"

    Win, Win was an exceptional and powerful film on its own, and the addition of an original tune from The National featuring Sharon Van Etten? As far as movie trailer/music videos go - this tops the heap for me, my friends.

    Game Of Thrones - "The Rains of Castamere"

    Take a second and imagine Lord Of The Rings with sexy ladies and nudity. HBO knows what the people want before they even know they want it. And naturally, they had an inkling that people wanted The National.

    Boardwalk Empire - "I'll See You In My Dreams" Isham Jones Cover

    At this point, you're probably thinking that there must be an HBO exec. who's just a huge fan of The National, right? Or perhaps the depth of their unique musical tone is actually transcendent, and complements narrative beautifully? Well, either way, they kill this cover of a 1924 classic.

    Bob's Burgers "Thanksgiving Song" Cover

    Oh, they're not always sad? They have a sense of humor?

    In addition to their pop culture appearances, The National took time to assist some friends by producing a few pretty memorable albums.

    Dessner produced Local Natives' 2013 sophomore, emotional heavy hitter Hummingbird.

    Aaron and his brother Bryce (guitar) also helped Sharon Van Etten by collaborating on her 2012 release Tramp, and both were featured on "Serpents" (below).

    So before you go and label The National as a snoozefest, take a step back and recognize the impact their music has had on the stuff you regularly geek over.

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