New Music Video: Spiritualized
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    We really can't overstate how NSFW the new music video, "Hey Jane," from veteran British dream pop act Spiritualized is. At ten minutes, this goes past being a music video and becomes a short film. Chronicling a day in the life of a transgendered man (living as a woman) with two kids as she works as a stripper and prostitute to get by, things quickly take a turn for the worse when one of her johns turns violent. It's powerful stuff, and the reason we may characterize it as disturbing isn't because of the sexual content but because of the shocking and graphic displays of violence. You really should not watch this at work, but as soon as you get home, pop it up on your browser because this has to be one of the ballsiest videos of the year.

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