that's a wrap: sxsw 2011
    • MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Baeble took our talents to Austin last week, for a week of shoots at the chandelier-touting downtown club called the Phoenix. We shot 24 bands in 4 days, running on beer and taco-truck, as a couple thousand people rolled through to see everyone from Suuns to Matt Nathanson to Opio, Casual, and DJ Tourre from the Hieroglyphics. We definitely had variety. Next to infamous Austin hot-dog shop Frank and the Third Man Records pop-up truck, The Phoenix was an excellent midday stop for many South By goers to check out one of the most eclectic day shows of the fest. And even if you didn't have the time or the dough to get down to the events in person, all 24 shows will eventually be making their way to the Baeble site and our channels on Roku, Boxee, Google TV and more. But first, some of our favorite moments:

    It wasn't just the heart-of-gold bouncers that stood outside the doors to greet everyone in attendance, so if you showed up, it's more than likely you met the big guy who created Baeble. His cred didn't prevent day-one act Lovett from accidentally leaving with his coat (with wallet and keys in the pocket), stranding us at the Phoenix and forcing a taxi ride to their edge-of-the-city house. We have a lot of Lovett t-shirts now, let's put it that way.

    We initially put together a killer lineup of buzzy acts like Jamie Woon, The Lonely Forest, and Rural Alberta Advantage (1,2,3 and Jamie Woon were mentioned in the NY Times wrap this morning as emerging acts to follow) but we still wound up with a few last-minute additions. One such act was the colorful Austin local rapper and entrepreneur Jim-E-O. He entertained us with his love of the city and his determination to "toast to life", a mantra we'd adapt by Wednesday and now use for just about anything.

    Interviewing the bands was a real treat. Despite the heat, the craziness, and the hustle of our show, each band took the time to chat with our cameras and invite us to house parties, give us free stuff, and/or just had a cool story to tell.

    Thanks to our sponsors, Lexus, Roku, MOG and New Era. Special thanks to Richard and the whole API Productions crew, Brad our audio capture guy, and my interview cameraman Mike K.

    We're extra-pumped to roll out our brand-new roster of shows for the site. Stay tuned and toast to life.

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