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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2019

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    I will admit it, "Believe" from Mumford's 2015 album "Wilder Mind" made me cry the first time I listened to the song. It tapped into my emotional core and spoke to all the questions I have running through me every day. Did I believe in God, did I believe in myself, the essence of pushing past hopelessness to belief shook me like little else. According to Spotify It is the most played track of that album by a factor of 2X, so it is fair to say this track stopped plenty of other people.

    In the last four years, there have been it seems a lot of side projects from the band and they have drifted from my mind. Certainly not a bad thing, they had release three enormously successful albums and toured the world relentlessly. The band clearly deserved time to recharge and explore.

    They began teasing their latest album "Delta" last fall with to be honest some disappointing gimmicks like the pairing of their songs with National Geographic images. It felt engineered for Instagram and made everything including the songs feel small, even if the imagery was spectacular (on the small screen). So, when the album came out in full, I brushed it aside as a work designed to service a large base of fans, giving them more of what they wanted. A fourth album to refresh the money coffers and to tour against.

    Until today.

    The band released the video for "Beloved" and I cried all over again. Really what is with this? I will have to admit, I am in a far more fragile emotional state in 2019 than 2015 enduring serious health challenges of people closest to me but the beautiful work in the video for "Beloved" is something to behold. The video is full of beauty, love and finality.

    Take from it what you will but it will not fail to move you.

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