ARTIST TO WATCH: G Flip's Debut Single 'About You' is the New Brand of Pop We Need
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    Officially out on all streaming services today, artist Georgia Flipo's debut single "About You" has already gathered a significant amount of buzz. She played at SXSW music festival in Texas just this past week under her pop moniker G Flip and since then has gathered over 500,000 streams on Spotify and been added to YouTube's New Music This Week playlist. It makes sense: for a debut single that was recorded in one day, self-released and produced in her bedroom in Melbourne, "About You" sounds like it's been on the Top 40 radio for years.

    This track is loud and unafraid with deep synths and a snapping drumbeat that holds the whole thing together. It's bittersweet but gives everything away, like that last goodbye to a friend you're not sure you'll see again soon, homemade and scrappy but full-throated with Flip's honeyed vocals. Even the music video is ultra DIY but in a funky way, filmed by her brother on his iPhone camera and edited to ‘80s coloring.

    All of this fame is quite sudden for a person who spent the last year holed up in their basement learning how to write and produce music. Flip is a multi-instrumentalist who was motivated to put an end to her time as a backup drummer and vocalist touring in various bands after the sudden death of her drum teacher who was, like her, young, queer and female. Long days spent discussing her dreams with this mentor were finally actualized as she began to make her own music. She supported herself by teaching music in the afternoons to elementary school kids.

    The year has passed and G Flip is out of the basement and onto the stage, doling out this pop gem like it's nothing. We can't wait to see what comes next.

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