Modest Mouse Release Bizarre Visuals For 'Lampshades On Fire'
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    The world is a better place now that Modest Mouse has returned. The alternative rock band has been a mainstay in the underground as well as the mainstream as one of the better rock bands of the last two decades. With a knack for hooky choruses, unforgettable melodies, and poetically strange lyrics, the band has always been the weirdos we could love. Their visuals, it seems, are as weird as frontman Issac Brock and company. Dropping the official video for "Lampshades On Fire", the band does not disappoint in keeping their reputation.

    In what appears to be a collage of trippy situations, Modest Mouse play live at a house party while a host of teenagers commit random acts of debauchery including running in the nude. Intercut with teens drinking heavily, getting high in the woods, piercing their faces, as well as dressing in what appears to be artistic facial paint, Isaac may have been very stoned when he decided to roll with this concept. Fitting... as the song itself is batshit strange. Backed by a repetitive piano riff, the groove heavy jam features several musical changes as Isaac sings, "Pack up again, head to the next place/Where we'll make the same mistakes/Burn it up, or just chop it down/Ah, this one's done so where to now?" The ADD lyrics fit the ADD video and you can see why the band continues to be well loved by the younger generation.

    Check out the video for "Lampshades On Fire" below and pick up the new album Strangers to Ourselves out now.

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