Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly Shows Streaming Potential For Sales
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    Everyone knows CDs are dead. With yearly decline in CD sales as more and more music is pirated for free online, streaming sites are potentially the last possible way for artists to make money off their music without touring or merchandise. Kendrick Lamar's new album To Pimp a Butterfly shows the sales potential that comes with partnering with a streaming site and the numbers look very good.

    Kendrick's new album, which is amazing, has broken the Spotify single day streaming record, twice, causing insiders to figure out how much Lamar has made because of this. With numbers ranging from $920k to over one million, it appears streaming can be very profitable for artists -- well, if they have enough hype. As the album continues to be the talk of the internet, expect Kendrick to pocket another cool million easily before the weekend is out.

    Check out "Hood Politics" off To Pimp a Butterfly, available now.

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