Hear Pick A Piper's Enchanting Rhythm in 'Cinders and Dust'
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Last year, we spoke with Pick A Piper, aka Caribou drummer Brad Weber, when he sent us an early taste of what was to become the leading track ("Lucid In Fjords") on his self-titled, solo debut (out 4/2). We were immediately drawn by his infectious rhythm as well as the hypnotic whispers (provided by Ryan McPhun).

    Our next Pick A Piper experience came in the form of the twinkly and hooking track "All Her Colours", which was partnered with a wildly psychedelic and stimulating music video.

    Today, we received our latest sampling of Weber's project, "Cinders and Dust", which attaches a 90s club beat to the cooling Pick A Piper mood we've already fallen for.

    Listen to "Cinders and Dust" below, and catch up with the other songs and video a little further down.

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