Dropkick Murphys: No Shoes, No Shirts, No Nazis
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Early in my college (and drinking) career, I annually attended The Pogues' St. Patrick's weekend residency in New York City, cause, well...that's what you're supposed to do when you're freshly 21, and you most closely identify your Irish heritage with whiskey'd ambitions. But, what I'm trying to get to is, for the longest time, my friends and family harped on the fact that I was such an ass for being "the only person to ever get kicked out of a Pogues show for being too drunk."

    Thanks to some douche at Dropkick Murphys' Terminal 5 show on March 13th, I'm no longer the dumbest ass in the Irish-American universe. This guy received a brutal pounding from the band's bassist, Ken Casey, for throwing up a Nazi salute while on stage. Who even thinks to do that shit?

    You can watch the video below, and the whooping commences around the 1:30 mark. But if you stick it out early, you'll see a kid crowd surfing on a wheelchair.

    A family that parties like this on Christmas should never be tempted...

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