• FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2009

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    We've set our work week to quite the soundtrack this week. With so many artists, new and old, flooding our offices with their latest work, narrowing this week's T.G.I.Mixtape down to ten songs was no easy task. Though in the end, I'm sure you'll agree, it's quite the stirring collection of tunes we've put together. Enjoy your weekend everyone. - David Pitz

    1. The Veils - "The Letter"

    From their highly anticipated follow-up to Nux Vomica, the first song to surface from The Veils' Sun Gangs
    suggests Finn Andrews and the rest of the band are once again in fine form. Rusty chords that recall "Neighborhood #2", driving toms, a swirl of atmosphere, and Finn's tortured croon;
    Veils fans should take plenty of comfort in "The Letter", and the rest of the album for that matter.

    2. Grizzly Bear - "Cheerleader"

    This sneaky little number from Grizzly Bear's forthcoming release Veckatimest has lit up the net this week.
    So why shouldn't it find a comfy home here as well?

    3. Vetiver - "Everyday"

    This good natured track from Vetiver's latest Tight Knit just sort of skips along, doesn't it? Seriously,
    leave your worries at the door when "Everyday" opens up to you. You deserve it.

    4. Heartless Bastards - "The Mountain"

    Heartless Bastards are one of our favorite finds of the year.
    In our review of The Mountain, we said singer Ericka Wennerstrom's vocal performance
    is "an absolute revelation". The title track offered here ought to hammer that point home.

    5. Cursive - "From the Hips"

    This track appeared on our mix a few weeks ago. But given Cursive's
    performance on Letterman last week, and the thrilling fact that we'll be
    capturing their performance at Saddle Creek's showcase at SXSW this evening
    , we wanted to give y'all another chance to hear this juicy number from the awfully incredible Mama,
    I'm Swollen

    6. Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - "Anchors Dropped"

    The urgent energy that besieges this track from the Seattle based group's debut album twists and turns
    countless times as it cycles through. Hang on.

    7. Eulogies - "Two Can Play"

    It's with this sweet number called "Two Can Play" that we introduce to you Eulogies.
    They'll be releasing their album Here, Anonymous via Dangerbird Records on April 7th.

    8. Bishop Allen - " The Ancient Commonsense of Things"

    Brooklyn's Bishop Allen always seem to know how to put the right kind of polish on their music.
    In the case of "The Ancient Commonsense of Things", taken from their recently released album Grrr..., it's another perfect pop austere that glazes the band's songwriting.
    Gooey and delicious...

    9. Voxtrot - "Trepanation Party"

    Recorded with fellow Austinite Jim Eno (Spoon), "Trepanation Party" marks the first time we've heard new recorded material from
    Voxtrot. Here's hoping there is more to come.

    10. Lay Low - "By and By"

    We don't know much about Nettwerk newbie, Lay Low...except she hails from Iceland and is about to hit the road with
    Emiliana Torrini. No matter. "By and By" is as sweet as sweet can be. That alone should tide us over 'til this mysterious songwriter chooses to reveal a bit more.

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