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    • TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 2007

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    • Want to hear what you missed at the Langerado Festival last weekend? Live Music Blog has done some Googling to compile a list of Torrent downloads. Check it out before the RIAA pounces.

    • Before she was foolishly replaced by the powers-that-be, Sia Michel used to edit SPIN Magazine. Sia Michel used to occupy a corner office at the mag's Lexington Ave headquarters. Sia Michel used to receive shout-outs in books written by former SPIN-ster Chuck Klosterman, who consistently referred to her as "my striking editor." Then 2006 hit, SPIN was sold, the team that launched Blender was brought in... and Michel (who had worked for the company since 1997) was forced out. Klosterman (and a lot of other people) hit the road soon after. [Side Note: It was around this time that Beyonce, of all people, graced the magazine's cover]

    But Michel has made a journalistic comeback, having just landed the coveted spot of Pop Music Editor at the New York Times. She's still being touted as "the first woman to edit an American rock mag", but you can't blame Sia for someone else's poor research. [Just for the record, Gloria Stavers edited 16 Magazine in the early '60s, and Susan Whitall took the reigns at Creem in 1978.] Congrats, Sia! Your writing is great, your taste is solid, and your were one of the last people to interview Biggie Smalls before his unfortunate death. You've been missed. May you spin yourself back to the literary top.

    • Bob Dylan has yet to make it into the textbooks, but he's still the focus of an upcoming symposium at the University of Minnesota. Highway 61 Revisited: Dylan’s Road from Minnesota to the World is "a landmark international gathering" that's been "designed as a lively and stimulating assessment of Bob Dylan’s work, sources, influences, and aimed at a diverse audience of scholars, students, avid fans, journalists, musicians, and other Dylanologists." The program will include performances, discussions, and lectures, including one entitled "Hotter Than A Crotch: Bob Dylan At The Borderline of Sleaze." Way to go, Minnesota! School of rock, indeed.

    • Accoring to the paparazzi-happy website TMZ, Britney Spears is leaving rehab this week. Somewhere, somebody actually cares about stuff like this...

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