What To Expect in Jay Z's Production of 'In The Heights'
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    2017 so far looks like the year of collaborations. Whether it's music, films, or visual art - there have been no boundaries stopping creators yet... And this one takes the cake. Broadway meets hip-hop? Well, this isn't a taboo thought anymore. Thanks to Hamilton, anything is possible. It's always exciting to see an "unlikely" pair work on a great project together. Jay Z is set to produce Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway musical In the Heights for the big screen. It is about the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York and it is the first musical to incorporate rap without being well... awkward. Here's what to expect when the movie version rolls around.

    1. New York Hip Hop Roots.

    If you're unfamiliar with the production, the story is strictly told through music. The hip-hop and soul sheds light on the struggles of Washington Heights in the Latin community. This production may seemed geared toward a specific audience but the story is relatable through the characters' values and of course, the music.

    2. Salsa and Merengue Thrown in the Mix.

    Since this is a film about a Latin American community, there obviously has to be some Latin style mixed in. This is good, trust us. This community needs positive exposure more than ever.

    3. Lin-Manuel Miranda Not Reprising His Lead Role.

    This is the only disappointing element factor about the film. Lin is not interested in taking back his lead role as Unsavi, a bodega owner, but is willing to explore one of his background characters for the film. This is heartbreaking for die-hard Lin fans but it is good to know that he will have connections to the film version of his on-stage production.

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