Bruno Mars' 'That's What I Like' Video is Unforgivably Bruno Mars
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 02, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    Superstar singer and nonstop funk machine Bruno Mars has just dropped a new video for "That's What I Like," the groovin' track off 24K Magic that's seemingly made specifically for passionate lovemaking. The video features a pretty uncomplicated setup, a grey backdrop and Mars dancing to the track, but as the song's lyrics indicate, Mars is a pretty uncomplicated guy. The charismatic singer is about the simple things in life- dance moves as smooth as his voice, living in luxury, getting laid more than everyone else around him, etc.- and all of this is on display without distraction.

    Granted, even with the video's simplicity, Bruno Mars couldn't be any more Bruno Mars if he tried. It's unmistakably, almost mercilessly Bruno Mars, but that's probably just what he wanted. The funky beat, the on-point dance moves, that boyish smile that says, "Hey girl, Im sure your mans nice...but he aint me," everything we love about Mars is fully accounted for. The sparse animations throughout the video are a nice touch, but watching Mars do his thing solo is more than enough to keep us swooning for days. Pour yourself some strawberry champagne and check out the "That's What I Like" video right here.

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