Mixtape Wednesdays: Donald Trump Is A Fascist Con Man
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I studied political science in college. Each day of class became an existential nightmare to me because I could see how painfully broken our system was and how many people there were out there that were willing to exploit and abuse that system and the honest fears/concerns/anxieties of working class Americans to further their own needs. So, I probably don't have to go in-depth about how I felt about Donald Trump continuing to cement his lead in the Republican primaries yesterday during Super Tuesday.

    Donald Trump is exploiting concerns about stagnant wages, disappearing jobs, and concerns over the sustainability of the American way of life in racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic language. Trump voters have legitimate grievances against the way that capitalism has pillaged this country's most vulnerable workers, but Trump is channeling that anger against blacks, women, Hispanics, Muslims, and anyone who isn't a Christian white man instead of against economic oligarchs (because he is one). He's a con man. And his success is a testament to the failure of the political establishment to properly address the devastation that Wall Street and corporate America have wreaked at all levels of American life.

    The only possible good that could come out of Donald Trump gaining the Republican nomination is his inevitable loss in the general election to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders and the fact that it will tear the Republican party completely to shreds. When the Donald wins the nomination and loses the general election, it will result in a fissure in the party between the establishment who will never let him gain the nomination ever again and Trump's hyper-nationalist, hyper-populist base who will likely move on to their own party. He'll be forced to form his own version of France's National Front here in America, and it will cripple the Republican party moving forward for at least the next decade if not more.

    Now is the time to care about national electoral politics. I am not Hillary Clinton's biggest fan. I think she's an unrepentant military hawk and that when it comes time to make a big stand on social issues, she doesn't do it. But I will vote and organize for her campaign in the fall if she's the only thing standing between America and President Donald Trump. And if you care about the well-being of America -- and I mean all of America's people whether they're black or white or Asian or Hispanic or Native American or straight or gay or trans or able-bodied or disabled or poor or man or woman or nonbinary -- you have a moral obligation to do everything in your power to stop this conman, fascist demagogue from becoming the leader of this country.

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