Baeble First Play: Vivid Dreams Share Their Vision
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    We're in the midst of a 90s lo-fi alt-rock throwback revival. Cloud Nothings, Wavves, Deerhunter, Bully. The list could go on. As pop music becomes more polished and more over-the-top (and I say this as someone who likes over-the-top pop music), it's refreshing to see bands that are willing to not sand away those rough edges...bands who understand that raw vocals and fuzzy guitars can hit as impactfully as a perfectly crafted synth melody. And with a song that would have been perfect on 90s college rock radio, Vivid Dreams understand that appeal to a T.

    We've got the exclusive premiere of the Brooklyn based act's latest single, "FBI Undercover." With a touch of the Breeders and a healthy helping of warped lo-fi acoustic rock, "FBI Undercover" is a vibrant and subversive reimagining of both the past and present of alt rock. The project will be hitting SXSW later this month, and if you're going to be in Austin, we're pretty sure it will be a show worth checking out.

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