Action Bronson Will Save Us From Drake
    • MONDAY, MARCH 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Josh Ramos

    The wait for Action Bronson's major label debut Mr. Wonderful has gone on way too long. Expected out March 24th, Bronson has been consistently releasing music to keep the anticipation high. In a time where it feels like media is pandering only to Drake, Kanye, and the violent drugged out weirdos of the Atlanta trap scene, it's refreshing to find a hip-hop artist so willing and able to deconstruct his image and poke fun at himself.

    All it takes is one look at Bronson to realize he is not the average rapper. Unconcerned with his appearance, he is usually found in an over-sized t-shirt, long socks and shorts, no matter the weather. The dude has the most unkempt beard in the rap game, and weighs as much as the members of your favorite band combined. His saving grace, however, is a massive collection of sneaker-wear that only a true hypebeast could be behind. For what appears like the one thousandth time he has made an obscure reference to a thing nobody born after 1990 would know a thing about, his new album trailer is a hilarious depiction of him reenacting the porn star Dirk Diggler that Mark Wahlberg portrayed in Boogie Nights.

    Bronson hasn't stopped there. Unleashing the strangest music video of the year for his single "Actin Crazy", we find Bronson depicting the impossible in front of a green screen. It's an interesting look into the world of music video production and the only time you'll find a 300 plus pound white rapper dunking on Godzilla. This Queens native is continuously pushing the box on his visuals, beat selection, and fan interaction. In a time where the aesthetic of hip-hop is majorly bleak, Bronson is the only rapper out there still just having fun. Kicking lines like "I'm in a Humvee, looking like a young me/Now these motherf***ers all wanna be chubby," I really do believe him.

    Since it's cool to be big again get off the scale, check out the video below and get ready for Mr. Wonderful dropping March 24th on Vice/Atlantic.

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