T.G.I.Mixtape 150
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 02, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    It's March! Leap week went by without any catastrophic universal events (2012 is slacking), in fact, we got a few boosts-- the pseudo-release of two new Radiohead songs and a track from The Hunger Games soundtrack by Arcade Fire, etc. We've got ten more compelling reasons to put the apocolypse off for a few more months, or at least until we get to that lamb.

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    1. "R U Mine?" - Arctic Monkeys - Unreleased

    There's something about the Arctic Monkeys we will always find engaging, despite their tempermental critical favor. Shut up nerds, this is ROCK. This new track isn't attached to any albums yet, but it's definitely attached to our brain cells.

    2. "Temporary" - White Rabbits - Milk Famous

    These guys are serious musicians-- just wait until you see the manifesto of Stephen Patterson on how White Rabbits created this awesome collection of songs. Stay tuned for the full interview.

    3. "Shadowlands " - Ryan Van Sickle - Brighter Than The Sun

    Candadian singer/songwriter and partial subject of another forthcoming feature on Google+... interesting subculture here involving musicians connecting with their audiences.

    4. "All Alright" - Fun. - SOme Nights

    These guys are crushing it, edging out Madonna's return on the charts, combining elements of rock, pop, and hip-hop in a swirly delicious mess of catchiness. Some Nights is out now.

    5. "Hold On" - Alabama Shakes - Boys and Girls

    The Alabama Shakes debut record will confirm or deny their status as over-hyped, no doubt about it, but this song will remain great.

    6. "Replicate" - Fanfarlo - Rooms Filled With Light

    Always fun to hear what this alt-Arcade Fire band is up to, especially when it's a new record of ecclectic orchestral machinations.

    7. "Dead and Gone" - These United States - These United States

    We're still trying to figure out how These United States have more albums than Brangelina has children, and they're STILL keeping it fresh.

    8. "Lafaye" - School Of Seven Bells - Ghostory

    This is one of those tracks that just hits you in the face with a shovel, repeatedly.

    9. "All The Rowboats" - Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

    Regina Spektor is back, and this track is a pretty bold opening statement.

    10. "Pink Diamond" - Dustin Wong - Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads

    The Ponytail guitarist is quickly solidifying his spot along with other mostly instrumental bands like Explosions In The Sky and (now) Battles, with a strong focus on his fretwork.

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