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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 02, 2011

    • Posted by: Martika Finch

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    After being on tour for over a month, Air Waves' lead singer Nicole Schneit let the crowd know at their Friday show that it felt great to be back in New York City for their Brooklyn performance at 285 Kent Avenue. The show at Kent was part of a four-night run of shows in NYC in support of their debut LP Dungeon Dots.

    Due to the unexpected change of venue from Monster Island to 285 Kent, Airwaves followed one-man act Human Resources and opened up for cheerful rockers Fergus & Geronimo to a small and intimate crowd of devout listeners. Regardless of this and Schneit's flawless performance, she still gave the impression that she isn't quite used to all of the attention she deserves. At times she turned her back to the crowd and played her guitar into the drum set evoking a shared sense of compatibility and true enjoyment with her band mates.

    Air Waves set consisted primarily of tracks from Dungeon Dots, which mostly comment on the ups and downs of love and relationships. Schneit's airy alto compliments the simple chord progressions that result in also minimal but unforgettable melodies. "Sweetness" was definitely more of an upbeat moment in which the bassist successfully supported Schneit on the only back-up vocals of the entire set.

    In between songs, Schneit, let the crowd know that copies of Dungeon Dots were for sale at the front, and unfortunately, she also had to ask whoever stole some of them to please return them. The entire band still managed to put on a good face and give their home base of Brooklyn an inspiring performance despite any odds against them. The set ended with one of the most promising tracks off of the record, "Knockout," in which Schneit sang, "I'm on fire for the first time in my life." Yes, you are.

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