new music video: the strokes
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 02, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    The Strokes continue to amp up the excitement for their forthcoming album, Angels, by releasing the music video for the LP's first single, "Under Cover of Darkness". Unsurprisingly, The Strokes maintain their status as the epitome of cool in this video, as the band members nonchalantly play their instruments through different stations of a grand concert hall and/or mansion. Vocalist Julian Casablancas, ever the rock star, sings along while sitting back on a leather couch, draped head to toe in black from his sunglasses to his edgy jacket and skinny jeans. He pours wine from a goblet onto a deck of cards, he throws around a mic stand, he does what he wants!

    The rest of the band don tuxedos, matching the classic decor of their setting, but Julian is obviously way too cool for that until halfway through the video when he joins them on stage in a tuxedo of his own. Surprise, surprise, he still looks slick. The video completes with the full band gathered on the concert hall's stage, looking dapper, and apparently being led by a conductor. Applause and whistles commence, though this is followed by the closing shot of an empty auditorium. So... they are ghosts? There is some sort of eerie time-lapse reminiscent of The Shining taking place here, which makes for an interesting/painfully cool video. You can enjoy this video until the full length release of Angels, which will be out on March 22nd.

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    The Strokes

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