late night: glasser
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 02, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    The Enya of electro-pop, Glasser, appeared as the Monday night musical guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, performing her song "Mirrorage" from the debut album Ring. Though this was Glasser's first appearance on American television, the woman behind the music, Cameron Mesirow, delivered quite a show.

    Entrancing and eccentric, Glasser is one of the many who bring the art of music beyond sound and into visual representation as well with her orientally-themed costumes and dispersed choreography. Lady Gaga, consider yourself challenged. The combination of her ethereal vocals, plus the slow synth mix, create a soothingly hypnotic sound that might be what would happen if a spa turned into a low key nightclub. It is an interesting one to watch, so check out Glasser's Fallon appearance, including a bonus performance of the track "Clamour", below!

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    Glasser on Myspace

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