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    • TUESDAY, MARCH 02, 2010

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    Trying to nail down what it is exactly that works about Oberhofer's music is king of like putting together a puzzle of sorts; pop catchyness, a tough to nail down sincerity, and a lo-fi cool factor that seems to transcend itself. Give it a listen, see for yourself.

    Not much is out there on this small Brooklyn based band except a low buzz... Brooklyn Vegan seems to be down with these guys (And our other favorite Brooklyn buzz band, Savoir Adore, in one post!). Brad Oberhofer, the front-man and namesake of the group, who wrote and recorded the songs on the EP solo(including "Dead Girls Dance") once lived in Tacoma maybe, and his house burnt down? He is writing a symphony? Among the quixotic and mysterious tidbits on their Myspace is a legitimate offer: an email address for a digital copy of their EP. Seems like a fair deal to us.

    See the band play with Bear Hands and Cymbals Eat Guitars in April. They are rooted in New York for the time being it would seem, but who knows... we may be singing their praises at festivals by next year. Keep an eye on these guys (if you can find them). -joe

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    MP3: "Dead Girls Dance" (Eeep)
    Oberhofer on Myspace

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