Let Night Terrors Of 1927 Haunt You
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2015

    • Posted by: Jason Greenspan

    Catchy, anthemic and melody driven, Night Terrors Of 1927's music is perfect for a summer concert at an outdoor amphitheater. The duo, Jarrod Gorbel of Honorary Title and Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley, produce shimmering synth pop with a new wave sensibility and contemporary trappings. They've experienced an impressive rise to popularity, appearing first on Late Night With Seth Meyers, touring with Bleachers, and booking Coachella this festival season. They've already amassed a cult following, and they're not showing any signs of slowing down.

    For a band with such a menacing name, their music is surprisingly saccharine. Optimistic synth, enthusiastic ohs and ahs, and pretty melodies dominate their sound, and the lyrics are generally docile. Their video for "Dust And Bones" (above) however, is appropriately strange and menacing. The images of bloody teeth grinding together and the bike riding grim-reaper are pleasantly troubling when paired with the relationship-driven lyrics. Their recent collaboration with Tegan and Sara, "When You Were Mine" (below) features a similarly striking video, albeit less grim. Past relationships are represented through vibrant interpretive dance as the duo's polished vocals shine through. Both tracks are on the bands debut album Everything's Coming Up Roses, out now on Atlantic Records.

    Night Terrors of 1927 are playing the sold out Baeble Music Day Party this Friday during SXSW for a lucky audience. If you didn't secure a spot, check the guys out at any of their other upcoming tour dates. Also, enjoy the wonderfully wet video for "Always Take You Back" and check out Baeble's exclusive interview with Night Terrors below.

    Baeble: Have you ever attended SXSW as a fan? Any advice for the non-artist atendees coming out?

    NTO: I have only ever attended as an artist, but I have run around and checked out other bands as a fan. As a non artist, I would say get anywhere you need to go very early or find yourself some industry friends and try to get on special lists. Check the bands websites that you like as they are always announcing surprise unofficial shows and parties.

    What has your worst experience at SXSW been?

    Fighting with band members, desperately searching for parking when show time is minutes away and stomach disasters in the middle of complete chaos. Finally, getting to show and there were only three people there - or, setting up for a show with 600 other bands simultaneously. All of the above are possible at SXSW.

    What has your best experience at SXSW been?

    Probably back in the day being able to catch some of my favorite bands in tiny settings while simultaneously eating delicious BBQ food. Also, getting lots of free cool stuff like Diesel jeans and Dickies socks. I love those socks.

    Who are you most excited to see play this year?

    This year we have too many shows to really get a chance to breathe but I'm looking forward to reuniting with our tourmates Bleachers and Joywave just cause they are cool dudes.

    Is there a place to visit, a food to eat, or a thing to do in Austin (besides the music) that youre really excited for? If so, what?

    Thunderbird coffee. Burger at Jackalopes. BBQ at Stubbs.

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