Help Us Party With Smallpools
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2015

    • Posted by: Emily Daly

    This indie quartet is new to the scene, having just formed in 2013, but the Los Angeles based Smallpools have made strides with their catchy synth hooks, polished pop sensibilities and striking melodies. The upbeat, party-centric lyrics of songs like "Dreaming" and "Karaoke" make them an artist not to miss.

    Guitarist Mike Kamerman and lead singer/keyboardist Sean Scanlon are East Coast natives who met Oregon-born bassist Joe Intile and Beau Kuther, who holds down the rhythm section, through friends when all four of them were living in LA. Within a year, their self-titled EP was released, they made their live debut at the Brooklyn Bowl, and their first single, "Dreaming," reached number one on The Hype Machine. The song got additional exposure from being featured on the FIFA 2014 soundtrack, and being used on The Vampire Diaries television show. "Over and Over" was then used to promote the Snapchat Stories service. After struggling to make it through low-paying jobs in Los Angeles, the band has definitely earned their quick success.

    Scanlon handles most of the lyricism writing after working on the music with Kamerman and the rest of the band. The frontman credits his early interest in music with hearing artists like Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and Bruce Springsteen at family gatherings and was inspired to create songs that leave a long-lasting impression.

    Their music is fun because they don't take themselves too seriously. In a Baeble Cool Buzz interview, they admitted that they've written songs inspired by Dumb & Dumber, and in the music video for "Dreaming," you can watch Scanlon play beer pong and leap over fences and trashcans to escape a party when a bout of deja vu freaks him out. Though they're often compared to Passion Pit or Foster The People, they've managed to create their own unique style of pop.

    After catching them live in October when they rocked Irving Plaza with Magic Man, Baeble is featuring the band at our SXSW Day Party. Be sure not to miss it- considering how much they accomplished in their first year, who knows what they'll have in store for us next.

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