Ex Cops: Alternative's Dynamic Duo
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2015

    • Posted by: Jason Greenspan

    There's something utterly seductive about a male/female duo. The juxtaposition of sweet feminine vocals with deeper male tone allows for unique sonic potential and sultry stage presence. Ex Cops accomplish this and ad some grit for good measure, creating brooding indie rock with strong elements of 90's alternative. Composed of Amalie Bruun and Brian Harding, the Cops have put out two albums since their inception in 2011: 2013's True Hallucinations and 2014's Daggers, both of them strong, versatile offerings.

    Their first album exhibited a much heavier shoegaze sound than their latest, as you can hear in "Ken" (above). The amps were more distorted, the sound tinnier, and the lackadaisical attitude more exaggerated. Daggers is a much beefier, heavier offering, leaning more toward the alternative side of things and incorporating an upped dosage of electronic sounds. "Black Soap" (below) is a perfect example of this; the vocals are clearer, the tone is slightly darker, and there are more effects. The tracks on Daggers run the gamut of musical genres, however, embracing dance pop in "Teenagers" and straight up unapologetic indie rock in "White Noise." They have clearly headed in a commercial direction, but they haven't sacrificed the quality of the music in the process. The Cops recently made headlines when Brian Harding spoke out angrily against McDonalds for asking them to play a SXSW showcase for no pay. The fast food giant has since changed its tune and decided to provide compensation, but things were quite heated at first.

    Ex Cops are playing the sold out Baeble Music Day Party during SXSW for a very lucky audience, but they'll also be playing the Big Guava Music Festival in Tampa, FL this May. Check out the vid for the deliciously new-wave track "White Noise" and read our interview with the duo below.

    Baeble: How many times have you been down to Austin for SXSW?

    EC: This will be our second time.

    Have you ever attended SXSW as a fan? Any advice for the non-artist atendees coming out?

    I went 3 years ago as a civilian The only thing I really remember is seeing Christeene play one of the most fucked up amazing shows Ive seen. My advice is to not dwell on having a badge. There are plenty of fun free parties everywhere.

    What has your worst experience at SXSW been?

    Checking in.

    What has your best experience at SXSW been?

    I play in Daniel Johnstons band sporadically and we played the Brooklyn Vegan showcase several years ago. It was great to be with him in his old hometown.

    Who are you most excited to see play this year?

    I heard Wyclef Jean is playing. Maybe him.

    Is there a place to visit, a food to eat, or a thing to do in Austin (besides the music) that youre really excited for? If so, what?

    My friend Mickie Spencer owns a few restaurants, but my favorite of hers will always be East Side Showroom. Its like a Parisian brasserie if Buster Keaton owned it.

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