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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2008

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    Five albums strong? Mates of State can soon boast a catalogue five albums strong? Holy Smokes! Forgive my disbelief. I remember their squeaky clean, college radio kind of debut crossing my desk at, of all things, college radio years ago. But flash forward to present day and Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel are prepping album #5, Re-Arrange Us, for a May 20th release on Barsuk Records. With it, expect a whole slew of appropriate public appearances, including: Sasquatch, a stint at LA’s Henry Fonda Theater, a full headlining tour, and other TBA kind of festival dates.

    So what can fans expect? Word is, the art work will be pretty spiffy…Think Menomena’s last release. Reversible and multi-layer cover art will allow fans to “Re- Arrange” the art in no less than eight configurations. Clever! And check this out:

    “While, until recently, Jason and Kori have performed exclusively as a duo, Mates of State have never failed to generate a trademark wall of sound built on dozens of varied voicings of keys, drums, and alternately lushly layered and playfully dueling vocals. On Re-Arrange Us they move beyond these boundaries with additional instrumentation-not to mention a quantum leap in song craft apparent on instantly indelible gems like "Now," "Jigsaw" and "Get Better." Throughout Re-Arrange Us, Kori's piano and the emergence of both Mates' lead vocals from their trademark harmonizing signal the next stage of Mates of State's evolution.”

    Re-Arrange Us will be released May 20th on Barsuk Records.

    Re-Arrange Us Tracklist:
    Get Better
    My Only Offer
    The Re-Arranger
    Blue and Gold Print
    Help Help
    You Are Free
    Great Dane
    Lullaby Haze
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