Out And About: Foster The People at Music Hall of Williamsburg
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 2014

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Last night Foster The People threw a release party for their excellent second album Supermodel at Music Hall of Williamsburg and they crashed it. Not only did they crash it, but they threw it on the ground, shook it and left the packed hall screaming for more. The evening did suffer an inauspicious start with opener The Mast — just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. They're simply trying to update the beat generation — the emblematic dude with bongos accompanied by a stoned out vocalist is now armed with iPads and drum machines, yet this has little effect on improving the trippy genre.

    For Supermodel, Foster The People added backup singers, a second drummer and additional guitar support who made their already big live sound even more exciting and forceful. More often than not a group's live music is a pale comparison to the polish and sophistication of their studio work and the live experience is a painful exercise in attempting to reach this level. With Foster The People, however, this is definitely not the case. The songs we know are given a new life in the live setting. The evening's set list was an intelligent mix of their hits from their EP and first album mixed with tracks we will be hearing on the radio this coming summer.

    The evening's music broadcast live on Sirius XM's "Alt Nation", and if there is a replay, this is a must-listen. The band will be playing limited U.S. dates that are largely already sold out plus a few festivals through the summer. Put these guys if you can on your must see in 2014 list.

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