Vampire Weekend Goes Rockabilly: Hear 2 New Songs
    • MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2013

    • Posted by: Dorit Finkel

    Super exciting announcement! Vampire Weekend has released not one but TWO songs from their forthcoming album, Modern Vampires Of The City (out May 7), and they're both great. "Diane Young" is a sort of ska-punk tribute to rockabilly, and probably the most "rock 'n' roll" track they're ever done. Not to be put in a box, though, the band also released an official lyric video for "Step," with a spotlight on poetry about growing up and competitive love as well as stunning visuals of favorite spots in New York City (the fountain in Washington Square Park, the cube at Astor Place, etc). The music itself sounds like old-school Belle and Sebastian and, like most Vampire Weekend songs, contains delicate baroque references and daring melody. The most exciting part, though, is the polished sophistication they achieve while maintaining their unapologetic strangeness.

    "Diance Young"


    A few days ago at SXSW, Vampire Weekend also debuted "Ya Hey," a subdued five-minute ballad, complete with baroque piano riffs, a spoken-word bridge, and a shout-out chorus that's reminiscent of their first album. Check out the fan coverage below (and try to ignore that one chick who sounds like she's being murdered every now and then).

    "Ya Hey"

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