SONG OF THE DAY: 'So Tied Up (Los Feliz Blvd)' by Cold War Kids ft. Bishop Briggs
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Cold War Kids are out with a new video for "So Tied Up (Los Feliz Blvd)" featuring Bishop Briggs, the latest song from their forthcoming album LA DIVINE, out April 7th. This acoustic version, recorded live at Sonora Recorders in Los Feliz, features an alternate arrangement with a string quartet and slightly more prominent vocals from Bishop Briggs. The twang of Nathan Willett's voice and the soulfulness of Bishop's blends together so well, it's an unlikely combo, but a fiery one at that.

    Also check out our interview with Bishop Briggs:

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