The Humor And The Lasers: Joywave and Metric at Hammerstein Ballroom
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Last week, I had the opportunity to see Joywave and Metric live at The Hammerstein Ballroom. Walking onto the main floor, I had an incredible view in front of me: wide open space, an ornate ceiling, and of course, Joywave jamming out.

    There's something humorous about Joywave. It's not like you find yourself laughing at them, but rather, laughing with them. Maybe because in addition to their goofy attitudes, they also dropped a "surprise album" the day of the show - the album consisted of the same song over and over again. Do you see what I'm saying? This band is like one gigantic internet troll. But it's awesome and I appreciate their ability to have fun.

    On to the music - Joywave had their shit together. Frontman Daniel Armbruster was emotive, banging his hands against his chest and feeling the music as he sang. The grooves were tight, the percussion was on point, and the vocals sounded just like the record. With a satisfying combination of both real and electronic instruments, Joywave is an indie rock band that can also make you dance. It's amazing to see a group with such a big sound reek of total authenticity. The sound filling this beautiful space was really coming from these five goofy guys.

    After Joywave, Metric graced us with their presence, and I cannot emphasize enough how great of a show they put on. Going to a Metric show is like also going to a synth-infested light show with laser beams soaring everywhere. At one point in the show, leadwoman Emily Haines popped up on stage and surprised us with an amazing, flowy cape that was glowing.

    Along with an exciting visual aesthetic, Metric played several extended instrumental solos, which pumped up the crowd. I looked around and took notice that not one person in the crowd was like the other. There were fifty-something-year-old men in business suits, twelve-year-old scene girls in skinny jeans, f*ckboys in tank tops, and a lots of regular looking people. It was cool to see how Metric related to so many different types in the crowd that night. If you want to see a good synth-pop show, Metric has your back.

    And check out our exclusive video interview with Metric's Emily Haines below.

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