Massive Attack Enlist Kate Moss For Mesmerizing Video
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Earlier this year, Massive Attack announced they would release two EPs and a full-length album in 2016. They've already got the ball rolling by releasing their first EP, Ritual Spirit, at the start of the year and music videos for "Take It There" starring John Hawkes, and "Voodoo In My Blood" with Rosamund Pike as the focus. The Bristol trip-hop group decided to maintain the celebrity A-lister music videos by inviting Kate Moss to be the star of their new video for the EP's title-track, "Ritual Spirit."

    Kate Moss dances around in a pitch-black room wearing a nude jumpsuit while swinging a bare lightbulb on a wire and somehow makes it look flawlessly beautiful and mesmerizing. The 42-year-old supermodel (who doesn't look a day over 25) has been a huge fan of the UK group as well as a friend of Massive Attack's 3D for a while so when they asked her to collaborate for the new video, she didn't hesitate to say "yes." The track's dark ambiance, tribal-like drums, and hazy vocals playing while you watch Kate Moss swing a light bulb over her head is all you need to be completely locked-in and hypnotized by Massive Attack's new clip. When asked about the editing of the video, 3D said they kept it "raw with no re-touching, I didn't want to lose the spirit of that moment." Massive Attack is on the right track to have their best year yet.

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