Delta Rae Leaves Folk In A Cloud Of Steel Dust
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2015

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Delta Rae is a rare dose of riot on the American folk scene. A far cry from the grassy fields of the gentler folk the genre name conjures images of, Delta Rae's folk has always circled around the edges of hard rock. Their forthcoming record After It All is shaping up to be the groups first official departure from the folk genre. Instead, the singles tease a stadium rock record with a faint scent of folk roots.

    "Bethlehem Steel" is the record, and the band's first foray into heavy metal. The vocalists of the group tear into the genre head first, opening the track with guttural declaration, but it's the AC/DC sonic trajectory of "Bethlehem Steel" that hardens it into the hardest of rock. After It All is due out April 7 on Sire Records. Get your copy here, and listen to the raucous, racing speed of "Bethlehem Steel" below:

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