Jared and The Mill Performed Bedside For a SXSW Crash Victim
    • MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Eighteen-year-old Mason Endres was one of the 23 SXSW attendees injured after a car rushed down a crowded one-way street last Thursday in Austin, Texas. Although she's currently hospitalized recovering from a cervical spine fracture, broken nose, broken femur, and severed artery, Endres was able to experience one of her favorite bands, Phoenix's Jared and The Mill who brought their gear to St. David's hospital in Austin to provide her with a bedside performance.

    "She was on monitors when we told her that Jared was coming, and her heart rate jumped way up," Mason's father Dan Endres told Statesman.com. "We all burst out laughing because that was a good thing to see her smile."

    Watch the video below:

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