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    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17, 2010

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    In honor of DFA putting out their latest James Murphy produced rock record (Free Energy), check out this (supposedly) LCD Soundsystem track from the Greenberg soundtrack. Who knows if it will make an appearance on the as-of-yet untitled follow up to Sound Of Silver in May, but who cares? It's nice to hear some of the stuff Murphy has been working on while couped up in his mansion studio. SPOILER ALERT: it sounds a lot like the rest of the Murphy score, and a lot less like the LCD of yore.

    You know Greenberg, its that trailer with Ben Stiller where you go "holy sh*t, he got old!" Yeah, that one. Noah Baumbach has written on some Wes Anderson stuff and directed The Squid and the Whale, so he is alright with me. Some of you may feel differently, based on your love of Wes Anderson, who tends to rub lots of people the wrong way. Regardless, here is a radio rip of the track, for your listening pleasure. Form your own hypothesis about the nature of LCD's next record. -joe

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    MP3:"Oh You (Christmas Blues)" - Greenberg OST
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