album review: hot chip:: made in the dark::: astralwerks
    • MONDAY, MARCH 17, 2008

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    On first listen, it’s easy to think that the title of Hot Chip’s follow-up to the highly successful album The Warning, Made in the Dark (Astralwerks), is referring to the tonal shift their music has taken. Opening tracks “Out at the Pictures” and “Shake a Fist” definitely take a darker approach than the songs on the previous album, with “Shake a Fist” even sounding sinister, combined with a tribal beat that seems borrowed from The White Stripes. The later tracks of the album, however, don’t all employ this darker tone, but what they do share with the initial tracks is a lack of predictability, as though listeners are the ones who will be “made [to be] in the dark.” KEEP READING - Eric Silver

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    MP3: Hot Chip: "Ready For the Floor" Made in the Dark
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