The Last Shadow Puppets Dig Their Own Graves
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Here's a thing you discover as an adult. Shitty people can make great art. There's a 90% chance that Woody Allen is a rapist. At the bare minimum, his taste in much, much younger women should turn everyone's heads. He's also one of the most important American filmmakers to ever live. I would put him at second only behind Terrence Malick. The latter statement doesn't absolve him of the first/I am not attempting to apologize for any of his alleged monstrous behavior, but he can be both a great and essential filmmaker and an awful excuse for a human being. It's how the world works.

    Last week, we ran a piece offering our support to Rachel Blodsky from SPIN after she bravely opened up about her experience of sexual harassment from the Last Shadow Puppets' Miles Kane. I still stand by that piece and there's no excuse for how Miles Kane behaved (and there's little excuse for the fact that Alex Turner hasn't come out to publicly condemn his bandmate's behavior) but, I've had a chance to listen to the new Last Shadow Puppets record, Everything You've Come To Expect, and it's really, better than the last actual Arctic Monkeys record good. And although Miles Kane proved himself to be a complete shit, they are an act that we have a professional obligation to report on, and when I'm talking specifically about their music, I have to do my best to separate the artist from the art.

    The band released their video for one of Everything You've Come To Expect's best singles, "Aviation," and if the phrase "what if Jodorowsky and Brian De Palma teamed up to make a music video" holds any appeal to you, you'll want to see this. A surrealist spin on the final act of a crime story, the video finds Kane and Turner digging their own graves (a perhaps too apt visual metaphor as of late) as a mobster leads a blindfolded quartet.

    If you can separate art from the artists that make it (or in this case, art from half of the artists that make it because it seems like Alex Turner didn't do anything wrong during the interview), you should keep your eyes out for Everything You've Come To Expect next month. It's essentially an Alex Turner spin on 70s baroque rock ala the Kinks, and it should perk up anybody's ears who was tired of the sleaze rock persona that Turner and the Arctic Monkeys were perpetuating on AM.

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