top baeble sxsw performances of the past
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 16, 2010

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    This isn't our first rodeo kids, Baeble has been to the fabled land of Austin before to capture the action. In between beer soaked bouts of wandering and fraternizing with fellow festival frolickers, we took a few minutes to nab some pretty stellar shows of SXSW past. After the jump, our five favorites lurking in the Baeble archives. Get pumped.

    Today we're traveling, so enjoy this look back on Baeble at SXSW: A Retrospective.

    1. The Kills @ Antone's (2008)

    2. Cursive @ The Rainbow Room (2009)

    3. Sebastien Grainger @ The Radio Room (2009)

    4. Lightspeed Champion @ Antone's (2008)

    5. '07 SXSW Green Room Live At Red 7

    Oh man, that Green Room stuff is so old! Who remembers that old bit? You crazy for this one, Baeble.

    Anyways, see you there! -joe

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