STRFKR Talks Lite Brite Stage for Webster Hall
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2013

    • Posted by: Madison Murphy

    STRFKR's fourth album, Miracle Mile has sent them spinning on a lucid spiral towards sold out shows full of light spectacles and crowds that fuel their ever-evolving flow of sound. Not too long ago, Josh Hodge's idea of the future probably seemed quite different. Tonight, STRFKR is playing a sold out show at Webster Hall in NYC, and we got a chance to catch up with Hodge about what's going on with the tour.

    What started off as a solo project for the lead singer has turned into a band of endless genres. Electronic, psychedelic, indie rock, pop- STRFKR has basically mastered the idea of blending. Interestingly enough, Hodge told us how he didn't really listen to electronic music growing up. At all. "It's something that I just discovered. I listened to a lot of small, local bands in Portland."

    Hodge's soft, almost whimpering voice is intoxicating, and with an added synth, is enticing. With its softness, you can definitely infer an indie-Portland influence. Whether they mean to or not, they do a pristine job of gliding along the thin line of electronic funk with hints of punk. Their beats are fresh, and shows are gaining more and more approval from fans as the tour continues. Simply put: "I don't listen to [electronic music] that much. Really. It's fun to make."

    As for their live shows, Hodge explains, "It has everything to do with the crowd and the energy they have. The back of our stage looks like a giant Lite Brite." Which seems just about right for STRFKR. Far from Hodge's local indie roots, the band is simply out to have a great time, dazzling their next sold out audience at Webster Hall tonight. If you're around, and have some extra cash on you, the scalp might just be worth it to experience their fun, psychedelic explosions entertain your Friday night.

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