Baeble Original: A Day In The Life With The Fray
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2012

    • Posted by: Carianne Hixson

    It's not every day we're given the opportunity to spend a few hours with one of the most beloved bands on the planet. So when our friends in The Fray granted us exclusive access to what would truly be a day unlike any other in New York City...well, let's just say we're glad we remembered to bring a camera crew in tow. The result is a captivating three part documentary series of the group traveling around the city, chatting about their personal lives, and showing us some of the unique activities a band of The Fray's stature find themselves doing when they hit the greatest city on Earth.

    Last week it meant popping in on The Marymount School of Manhattan's "School of Rock" class, surprising a classroom of wannabe rockers with a performance and a casual Q and A sesh. Not surprisingly, the episode was a little crazed. The boys couldn't stick around forever though...much to the chagrin of the Marymount students. Other obligations beckoned, including a few creative decisions regarding the direction of the band's next video from their latest album Scars & Stories. The final episode takes you inside some of the daily challeges the band faces while on the job (1st world problems...). They also delve into some of the inspirations that pressed on their latest album Scars & Stories.

    Check out the final installment of our Day in the Life series with The Fray, presented by The Sony Tablet S.

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