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    • MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010

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    There is something odd about the way music ages. Listening to Pavement's newest compilation, Quarantine the Past, the band that comes to mind the most is Weezer. But regardless of the way history plays with our perception, Pavement is a classic. Their album Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain is still listed as the influence for most modern emo and indie rock bands.

    Of course, the history of it is that Pavement was the band that bridged early indie rock, emo and grunge. And when you go through Quarantine the Past it's actually shocking how far their style has spread in the two decades since their inception.

    The release of Quarantine The Past isn't random either, it's coinciding with their reunion tour that was announced recently.

    But as for Pavement's compilation itself, it's a strong collection of material, even if it is a bit dense. But if you've got an overcast afternoon with nothing to do it's probably a pretty good choice.

    What's admirable about Quarantine The Past, and may speak to the band's attitude for their upcoming reunion, is how unaccessible a good portion of the album is. It has all the singles and well-known tracks like "Cut Your Hair" and "Gold Soundz" but it also has a lot of back catalog that usually wouldn't be put on a compilation aimed at hooking younger listeners. It's good to know their desire for never pandering to their audience is still around 20 years later.

    Probably the neatest part about Quarantine the Past is how with every new listen you hear more and more current bands finding their sound, like a musical history lesson. - Ryan Broderick

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