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    • MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010

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    Looking for dancey post-punk? Deluka might be right up your alley. On their new track "Cascade", the leather clas, four-piece mix up electronic back-beats, disco guitar, infectious hooks and the perfect amount of glam. The video for it is great too, giving a nice personal feel to the band, and offering a peak at what they're like on and off the stage.

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    Also be sure and catch the band on the few tour dates the have coming. Just from the look of them, they seem the sort of band that could really bring it on live. -Ryan Broderick

    Deluka on Tour:
    Apr 2 2010 - Deluka Soundsystem Party - Hare and Hounds - Birmingham
    Apr 3 2010 - LITTLE CIVIC - Blak Can - Wolverhampton
    Apr 5 2010 - Kasbah Coventry

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