feature: an interview with ed lay of editors
    • MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010

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    Things we take for granted in America: the ubiquity of 24-hour places to buy beer, the ability to exist in totally different cultures simply by driving from state to state, and our bloated, excessive music industry. Our bravado often leads to ignoring our little brother in musical output, the UK, who arguably favor quality over quantity. For every five Black Eyed Peas-ish acts that America excretes, there is probably something equally as popular and infinitely more respectable happening in England. One such band got its start at a University in 2003 (the "best place to start a band"), and has since has two records debut at number one on the English charts. Impressed? You should be, although the name Editors probably doesn't ring too many bells in the midwest. At least one guy was a big fan at Kimmel last month, because he pretty much knows all the words, not to mention plays a mean air drum.

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