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    • MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010

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    Actress Kristen Stewart does seem to keep appearing in the context of the music world, first as a catalyst for Vampire jokes while discussing the Twilight: New Moon OST, and now a starring role as the iconic punk-chick Joan Jett in the upcoming film The Runaways, alongside Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie (another member of the band the movie is named for, for those punk-illiterates out there). Note: the film has received some really positive press from its debut at Sundance... and it's about punk rock (who could ask for more). The flick hits theaters on 3/19 (Friday), and in honor of the release we've got some cool Runaways stuff to give away. Check out the prizes (and pics) after the jump.

    Each winner will receive one of each:
    Poster from the film
    Copy of Neon Angel (the Cherie Currie book that the movie is based on)
    Copy of the upcoming Best of Joan Jett release
    Copy of the film's soundtrack (with plenty of punk music and even a few tracks recorded by Stewart and Dakota Fanning)

    All we need from you is an email.

    The Runaways hits theaters on Friday, the same day the contesting will be over. Remember, our contest may end, but punk never dies. Just like... vampires? -joe puglisi

    Theatrical Trailer:

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