AJR Are Here To Make You Feel All Warm and Bubbly Inside
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 2017

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    It's fitting that there's a blizzard battering NYC today. When we convened with the family trio AJR a few weeks back it was under similar circumstances. Snow was falling fast, phone calls were zipping back and forth. Do we shoot? Can we get the crew in? Is it safe? I mean, a band could end up stuck in a snow bank! We had two sessions on the books that day, and somehow, only one of the scheduled artists suffered that cruel fate (we often wonder if P.O.S. is still encased in that snow drift). The other, AJR, packed up their gear, bravely ventured outside of their Chelsea apartment, hopped a train down to Sunset Park Brooklyn, and delivered the kind of scrumptious, DIY pop tunes that will rattle around in your brain all day. It's no wonder this band has racked up hundreds of millions of plays on Spotify, and can count Barack Obama (seriously), Weezer's Rivers Coumo, and Ingrid Michaelson as fans. It's hard not to fall for hyper-happy songs like "Weak", "I'm Not Famous", and their ukulele-flavored take on the classic, "The Rainbow Connection". These are songs that will make you feel warm and bubbly inside...which, if you're snowed in on the East Coast like us, is precisely what you need today.

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