The Music That Makes Baeble Happy
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Tayi Sanusi

    Music makes us happy! It seems like a pretty obvious statement that most people would agree with, but it's shocking that there still isn't a word that describes the feeling you get when you hear a song that takes you right back to a most memorable moment in time. Good or bad, the feelings wash over you so quickly that before you even know what hit you, you're swimming in a vast sea of emotion, lost in a maze of mental images.

    As music lovers it's crazy to think about the role it plays in our lives...we each have our own individual soundtracks. From the song that brought us together as friends to the one that played when we first fell in love, we each have our own inner vault containing dozens of songs that tickle the delicate web of emotional memory. Get to know the members of the Baeble crew below by reading about the songs that remind us of our happiest moments.

    Bonnie Raitt - "Nick of Time" (David Moffly)

    "I will forever associate the Bonnie Raitt song "Nick of Time" with the summer after getting married, every time I hear that song I am 27 again driving in my new wife's Saab convertible with her on a sunny summer day."

    Kishi Bashi - "Bright Whites" (David Pitz)

    "It wasn't the first time I heard ["Bright Whites" by Kishi Bashi] - I'm not sure when that occurred - but I remember zipping up I 95 headed to The Newport Folk Festival...the song came on and that pounce along with the strange tizzy of vocals just instantly got me giddy for the weekend to come. Every time I hear it, it zips me back to that moment."

    Father John Misty - "Nancy From Now On" (Matt Howard)

    "Normally when asked such a seemingly simple yet introspective question I'd reach back and effortlessly fill in the blank with one from Electric Light Orchestra or Harry Nilsson, but after giving it the hard think it deserves, there's a actually more contemporary track that tickles my emotions. Father John Misty's "Nancy From Now On". Recognizing Josh Tillman as a modern comparison to Nilsson as a songwriter, I admit it's a bit of a cop out, but this song certainly takes me to my special place. Lyrically hysterical and rhythmically intoxicating, the song transports you directly to that brief, blissful peak when you've been drinking heavily -- those 15 invincible, slow-motion minutes that you've been chasing down the entire night and that you'll most certainly be regretting the entire next day. Hearing vicious lines like, "Oh, pour me another drink / And punch me in the face / You can call me Nancy," told in such a complacently beautiful tone is my 'Happy'."

    Lindsay Lowend - "GT40" (Devin Granados)

    "One of my favorite things to do is to whip around in my Yellow Mini Cooper on a beautiful day and drive at completely irresponsible speeds, so songs that make me happy are usually ones that sound great blasted in my car. "GT40" by Lindsay Lowend is a crazy compilation of samples and thick bass, which is perfect for me to jam embarrassingly to in my car. Every time I hear that song I just think of spending my summer driving up every Sunday with friends to the crystal blue beaches in Gloucester and going surfing. The muffled voices at the beginning break into "got them hoes in the kitchen," and I get so excited, it's barely a drop, but it just punches perfectly into that sample. Those tight bass changes feel so great when I shift up speeds at exactly the same time, I shift, bass drops and I accelerate. Also it sounds like a good song for a sexy little Mini Cooper, so there's that."

    Van Halen - "Unchained" (Anthony Toto)

    "When Eddie Van Halen kicks into the main guitar riff for "Unchained", the power of his guitar playing somehow speaks to my subconscious and enlightens my mood. Carrying the entire track, the monstrous riff sounds edgy with enough punch to raise the adrenaline yet the melody is so uplifting. Whacky yet charismatic, David Lee Roth's goofy personality brings the track to life with one of Van Halen's catchiest choruses. As a guitarist myself, hearing other guitar players find their voice through the instrument inspires me to express myself in my own music. Guitars express human emotions in ways other communication outlets can't provide. If I need a boost of energy or a pick-me-up song, "Unchained" comes through time and time again."

    It would seem that everyday moments become poetic bliss when set to the background of music. As I listened to these songs I eagerly awaited the gut tingling sensations described above but it soon became clear that it wasn't going to happen. I had no established emotional memory attached to them. I found them generally pleasing but they lacked the personal connection to my past. That got me thinking about what song exalts me on a visceral level...

    Men At Work - "Overkill" (Tayi Sanusi)

    It was the summer before college and my brother and I had polished off a couple bottles of wine, so needless to say it was time to bust out his old-school record player. After hours of listening to record after the bottom of the third or fourth box I stumbled upon the album Cargo by the Australian rock band Men At Work and the only song it would play without skipping was "Overkill". By the end of night that song was so deeply embedded into my subconscious that even now I catch myself humming it without realizing. The mix of the quirky lyrics with the seemingly random addition of the saxophone and synth...every time I hear it I can't help but smile inside.

    What songs make you happy? Tell us about them below!

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