MO No Mythologies To Follow
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014

    • Posted by: Devin Granados

    MO is best described as the product of Lana Del Rey and Grimes taking a vacation to Denmark and having a sexy Scandinavian synth-pop lovechild. Mo borrows Lana Del Rey's mysteriously enslaving voice and entwines it with a Grimes synth-pop style. This up-and-comer with an obnoxiously difficult to type foreign character in her name has finally dropped her debut LP, No Mythologies To Follow. Behind her ominous attitude and intimidating whipping of a giant braid, Mo has a charming smile full of concern for the artistic integrity in her music.

    The 20 track long, No Mythologies to Follow is like those moments when you spot some super sexy legs on the subway and you slowly drag your eyes up...nice ass, nice tits...and you're suddenly struck by the infamous butter face. The first half of the album is an endless array of flaming hot hooks, but it ends with an exhausted ember. The first track "Fire Rides", with its seductively catchy croons, has you "hooked and you can't stop staring," and it only gets more mesmerizing as the subsequent songs practically throw themselves at you with their irresistible melodies. By the time you reach the obvious highlight of the album, the popular Diplo produced single "XXX 88", you'll be per-Mo-nently fixated. The song is horrifically addicting—I say horrifically because its one of those tunes that you try to sing along to because it's so catchy, but you have absolutely no idea what she's saying, so you just embarrass yourself by making up the words. After the title track "No Mythologies to Follow", however, the album fizzles out significantly with the "night" versions, which simply (and surprisingly) aren't as arousing as the originals, although they make for an interesting concept.

    Despite the not-so-great butter face close to No Mythologies to Follow, the album succeeds in pulling together a piping hot balance of synthy strange electronic with Mo's normcore mystique and robust voice. If the album got a subtle nose-job, it would be one unstoppable piece of ass.

    No Mythologies to Follow is out now on Sony. Get your copy here.

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